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created by:-Ravindra Kumar Bimal


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On this site I'll include everything I know about racing. I'll write reports on individual races, offer a schedule and previews of upcoming races, and talk about my favorite drivers.

On this home page, I'll talk about how I originally became a fan and share a few anecdotes or defining moments from my fan history. I might also use this page to discuss how my favorite driver is doing this year or the racing season in general.

Thanks for taking a look at my site. I'll be updating frequently, so check back often.


The National AIDS Clearinghouse WWW site offers documents on prevention, testing, treatment, living with the Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus (HIV), and current statistics.Users will find holdings organized in folders alphabetically. The site also includes a folder on general AIDS information which includes the American Surgeon General's Report from 1993. AIDS is one of those diseases that has become an international subject, and the CDC here publishes a daily summary of AIDS articles in major U.S. news publications (like The Washington Post). These stories range from treatment reports to personal profiles of those afflicted. News releases from the clearinghouse are also included, along with the addresses for a mailing list and an FTP site where AIDS-related documents are kept. An excellent source of information.
ASA - Associazione Solidarieta` AIDS from Italy, contains information on new treatments, complementary treatments, laws and experiences. Webpages are all available both in Italian and in English. You may also find an updated list of links to other AIDS related web sites, newsgroups and publications. Currently the list includes over 90 different links all over the world and it is updated about weekly and as far as we know it is the most comprehensive list of AIDS resources available from Italy. An ASA newsletter "EssePiu`" is also available.
The AIDS information & treatments from Johns Hopkins University site provides the latest on medical treatments & clinical trials, publications available, expert consults, upcoming AIDS conferences & events, staff contact information and other valuable information for AIDS patients.
AIDS Research Information Center, Inc. - ARIC is a private, non-profit medical infromation service located in Baltimore that works closely with Johns Hopkins AIDS Services. They provide an AIDS Medical Information Service Hotline accessible to anyone through E-mail, mail, and telephone, offering current, medically accurate treatment and research information in layman's language to Persons with HIV/AIDS and their care providers. They also publish a 500 page (plus) Encyclopedic AIDS Medical Glossary and a quarterly newsletter. - This is a very helpful and very easy site to view and contains a variety of information.
The BODY HomePage : A Multimedia AIDS and HIV Information Resource, which assembles content on medical, psychological, legal, social and cultural aspects of HIV and AIDS by contract with top publishers and organizations of national stature.
Test Positive Aware Network - The site offers a unique online interactive animation explaining the HIV lifecycle - how it infects CD4 cells and how the different classes of anti-HIV drugs work. It has also been recently updated to include a visual representation of how researchers are working to develop new drugs which will prevent HIV fusion with the cell - a story which recently gained a lot of coverage in the media. The animation usings Macromedia Flash and offers full movement and sound effects - our site also provides a link so Users can easily download the Flash plug-in.
Project Inform's HomePage. Up-to-date information on Antiviral and Immune Based therapies, Public Policy and Advocacy efforts (searchable database).
HIV.NET European Information Center for HIV and AIDS
Concordia University Libraries "Sources for HIV/AIDS"
Green Universe- Exclusive site on HIV/AIDS dedicated to people living with HIV/AIDS and those affected by it.
HIV InSite from USCF is a comprehensive source for HIV treatment, prevention and policy information.
AIDS Vancouver
Dutchess County HIV Awareness Home Page
AIDS Research Information Center
New Hampshire/Vermont HIV Information Network
Nutrition for Life
Pediatric HIV/AIDS Links
Pets Are Loving Support
Positively HIV
Positive Nation
Project Inform
QRD's AIDS/HIV Information Page
University of Rochester Medical Center's AIDS Center
HIV/AIDS Outreach Project - This site has resource information from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, a list of online AIDS/HIV Resources, and more.
A WWW interface to B. Gardiner's AIDS BBS
HIV/AIDS Information - Queer Resources Directory (US).
AIDS Information from Indiana University
Marty Howard's HIV/AIDS Home Page - educational resources, mailing lists, support groups and many links
HIVNET/GENA Information Server - HIVNET and GENA information on AIDS.
HIVNET - France with a server in English or French, of course.

AIDS and HIV - information and resources

TPA - AIDS Info Page - ThoughtPort's AIDS information page. Has the digital AIDS quilt for viewing and contributing.
HIV-EWIR - Online version of HIV: An Electronic Information Review. Contains info on HIV treatments and scientific advances.
AIDS Info a gopher site for AIDS info
AIDS and HIV from San Francisco State University
AIDS Resource Center
Gopher server on AIDS at the National Institutes of Health
University of Southern Florida -HIV Information Center
The HIVNET/GENA Information Server
AIDS Pathfinder - NLM (US).
The Red Ribbon Research & Information Database - WorldCLASS (US).
Miscellaneous pieces of AIDS information
New York Academy of Medicine AIDS/HIV home page - Good HIV Intro.
AVERT - The AIDS Education & Research TrustHIV, AIDS general and education news. Mainly United Kingdom but linking statistics worldwide. AVERT is a United Kingdom based charitable not for profit organisation. Virtual Libraries
AIDS Reserach Information Center
CyberQueer Lounge: AIDS Page
HIV InfoWeb
Queer Resources Directory: HIV/AIDS
The Virtual Library: AIDS


HIV Gene/Protein Sequence Database
HIV Immunology Database
AIDS Research Reagent Database
ĘGIS"The Information Superstore"
Human Retroviruses and AIDS database, a gopher server
Medline - access to medical literature abstracts (All the Virology on the WWW offers special access to Medline as well.)
NAC Resources and Services Databases
Program Abstracts of the XI International Conference on AIDS

Misc. Special Topic AIDS Sites

CDC Aids Daily News
Global Spread of HIV-1 with a Focus on the African Continent - This site offers links to new development in the HIV-1 epidemic on the African continent, with a special emphasis on HIV infection in women. There is also a page devoted to summarizing the reports of the spread of HIV-1 subtypes into various African nations. The main page and subtype page are new and thus under construction.
San Luis Obispo HIV InfoNet - Regional and National resources focusing on the rural population of central California.
A is for Apple, Nutrition and Wellness Resources - A site where people living with HIV can get RELIABLE nutrition advice from a Registered Dietitian (RD) currently working in the field. Info. is absolutely free of charge, but donations are accepted to help maintain the site.
HIVNet's page of Magazines, Periodicals and Libraries
The ArtAIDS Link - AIDS related art gallery.
Modus Operandi/EASAH web site - There is information on this site about HIV/AIDS, workplace and employment issues, and about this organization and the publications they produce. It gives details on many HIV/AIDS employment, business and workplace issues - plus information about compromised immunity and work. There is also information about their consulting and training services and publications.
1996 International AIDS Conference - XI International Conference on AIDS information
Search (no charge!) NLM's database AIDSLINE at NLM (US), or at MIC (using Elhill) (SE)
Terra Net - an HIV information resource library in Boston providing information through our homepage. One unique product is a subject headed, cross referenced index of HIV treatment articles from the major community based journals for the past 5 years. This index is available on our web page and can be provided in print format to organizations and community based groups.
Articles on AIDS [no charge - but you must register!] - Medscape, New York (US)
The Molecular Biology of HIV - A superb review article by George Pavlakis of NCI.
The Names Project - The AIDS memorial quilt.
Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS - UNAIDS. This site describes the people and projects of this international effort by the United Nations.
HIV Magazines, Periodicals, & E-journals - Australian and international magazines, etc. (from HIV-EWIR)
AIDS Book Review Journals AIDS-general
Glossary of AIDS Related Terms
AIDS Information Newsletter - transmitted from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs AIDS Information Center, located at the San Franicsco VA Medical Center, a biweekly electronic publication.
OnScience with science tidbits from Indiana has a feature article De-Fusing the Bomb on the AIDS crisis.
HIV Transmission Through Blood Products [NAS meeting Sep '94] - via New Mexico Internet Access (US).
HIV/AIDS Resources in the Cheyenne, WY USA area

HIV/AIDS Organizations


UNAIDS - Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
HIVNET CH AIDS Information Tool and Community Forum
International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care
International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO)


Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations


Community AIDS Treatment Information Exchange
Toronto People With AIDS Foundation


Migrants Against HIV/AIDS


Jerusalem Aids Project


Malaysian AIDS Council

South Africa

AIDSLINK - South Africa

United Kingdom

The Terrence Higgins Trust

United States

ICARE, the International Cancer and AIDS Research Fund is a component of The University of Maryland Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of Maryland. The purpose of the ICARE Fund is to provide financial support to the Institute of Human Virology and its quest to discover the causes and mechanisms of chronic viral diseases, which will lead to better treatments and prevention.
AmFAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research)
AIDS Research Foundation
AIDS Project Los Angeles
Being Alive Los Angeles
The Elton John AIDS Foundation
Gay Men's Health Crisis
International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care
ACT UP/New York
Hollywood Supports
Mothers' Voices
NAMES Project
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
People With AIDS Coalition of New York, Inc.
People With AIDS Health Group

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Aids Affidavit


County of Fulton )

State of Georgia )

1. My name is Jeff Graham. I am over the age of 18 and competent to testify.

2. I am Executive Director of the AIDS Survival Project. The AIDS Survival Project is a non-profit membership organization which was incorporated in the State of Georgia in 1988. The AIDS Survival Project currently serves a mailing list of 3,000 people throughout Georgia.

3. The AIDS Survival Project promotes the self-empowerment of people with AIDS and those living with persons who have AIDS. The AIDS Survival Project's goal is to provide people with the most current and accurate information about AIDS available.

4. The membership of the AIDS Survival Project uses the Internet extensively to gain and exchange information about AIDS and its treatment. The home pages on the Internet, such as those of the Center for Disease Control and the AIDS Information Network, provide our members with the most up to date information about AIDS.

5. The Internet offers extensive information on how AIDS is transmitted, and more importantly how its transmission can be prevented. Also, the Internet has information on current treatment options for those who are HIV positive or have AIDS, information about the most current research regarding AIDS, and information on how to contact organizations and services worldwide.

6. Our members also engage in chat room discussions on the Internet which serve as support groups for those dealing with AIDS related issues. These chat rooms are often the only direct emotional support available to our rural members with AIDS or HIV. Considering the high rate of HIV infection in rural Georgia, AIDS Survival Project places a high priority on its members having continuing accessibility to these chat rooms.

7. In spite of laws meant to protect the rights of those with HIV and AIDS, including one making HIV status confidential, people with AIDS continue to lose jobs, insurance, and even their homes as a result of social prejudices. Thus, it is very important for persons with HIV and AIDS to be able to keep their HIV status confidential.

8. In order to avoid discrimination and social stigma, many of our members use pseudonyms or "handles" when communicating or accessing information on the Internet. Our members do not know whether their use of pseudonyms violates the Act because such use constitutes "transmit[ting] data through a computer network ... if such data uses any individual name ... to falsely identify the person." Because the meaning of the Act is unclear, our members are forced to choose between abandoning their use of pseudonyms or risking prosecution under the Act. Many of our members would not use the Internet at all if they had to use their real name, and would therefore be deprived of an important forum for communicating and obtaining information about AIDS/HIV.

9. AIDS Survival Project also seeks to prevent the spread of AIDS through the dissemination of information on safe sex. Due to the stigmas associated with both AIDS and sex, the AIDS Survival Project also fears many people would not take advantage of the information regarding safe sex available on the Internet if they could not do so anonymously.

10. To better enable our members to take advantage of the information available on the Internet, the AIDS Survival Project is currently developing a Web page to serve as a conduit by providing links to other organizations' Web pages. Such organizations we seek to link to include the Center for Disease Control and AIDS Information Network. As a small non-profit, it would be impossible to provide useful information to our members without using such links to other related Web pages.

11. As a result of the prohibition against using trade names, trademarks, logos, or legal or official seals in O.C.G.A. 16-9-93.1, the AIDS Survival Project feels its proposed Web page, composed primarily of links to other organizations Web pages, may be in conflict with the law. Thus, the AIDS Survival Project has reluctantly curtailed its efforts to create its Web page pending the outcome of this lawsuit.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the within and foregoing is true and correct:

EXECUTED: This Day of , 1996


Jeff Graham

In this area I'll include a different trivia question each week or even each day. E-mail me if you know the answer.

This week's question: What's the greatest number of lead changes in a single NASCAR race?

Last Week's Answer: Dale Earnhardt